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TM6 Environmental Projects Management

TM6 Environmental Projects Management
TM6 Managementul proiectelor de mediu
TM6.1 Phases of Environmental Projects. Time Management and Cost Management in Environmental Projects
TM6.1 Fazele proiectelor de mediu. Managementul timpului si al costurilor in proiecte de mediu
TM6.1.1 Phases of Environmental Projects
TM6.1.1 Fazele proiectelor de mediu
TM6.1.2 Time Management in Environmental Projects
TM6.1.2 Managementul timpului in proiecte de mediu
TM6.1.3 Cost Management in Environmental Projects
TM6.1.3 Managementul costului in proiecte de mediu
TM6.2 Resources Management. Risk Management
TM6.2 Managementul resurselor. Managementul riscului
TM6.2.1 Resources Management
TM6.2.1 Managementul resurselor
TM6.2.2 Risk Management
TM6.2.2 Managementul riscului
TM6.3 Good Practice Examples
TM6.3 Exemple de bune practici
TM6.3.1 Good Practice Examples 1
TM6.3.1 Exemplu de buna practica 1
TM6.3.2 Good Practice Examples 2
TM6.3.2 Exemplu de buna practica 2
TM6.3.3 Good Practice Examples 3
TM6.3.3 Exemplu de buna practica 3