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TM2 Environment Quality

TM2 Environmental Quality
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TM2 Calitatea mediului
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TM2.1 Environmental Quality – Air, Water and Soil
TM2.1 Calitatea mediului – aer, apa si sol
TM2.1.1 Environment and Environmental Pollution
TM2.1.1 Mediul si poluarea mediului
TM2.1.2 Biogeochemical cycles
TM2.1.2 Circuite biogeochimice
TM2.1.3 Institutions Responsible for Environmental Monitoring
TM2.1.3 Institutii responsabile de monitorizarea mediului
TM2.1.4 Environmental Monitoring – Air, Water and Soil
TM2.1.4 Monitorizarea mediului – aer, apa si sol
TM2.2 Environmental Legislation – Environmental Quality
TM2.2 Legislatia de mediu – calitatea mediului
TM2.3 Case studies in Icelandic and Romanian communities
TM2.3.1 Case study – Rangarvellir, Iceland
TM2.3 Studii de caz in comunitatile din Islanda si Romania
TM2.3.1 Studiu de caz – Rangarvellir, Islanda
TM2.3.2 Case study – Prejmer, Romania
TM2.3.2 Studiu de caz – Prejmer, Romania