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This project has been funded with support from the Education, Scholarships, Apprenticeships and Youth Entrepreneurship Programme (ESAYEP), EEA Grants 2014-2021, Cooperation Projects in the Higher Education area.

TM1 Sustainable Communities and Social Communication

TM1 Sustainable Communities and Social Communication
TM1 Comunități sustenabile și comunicare socială
TM1.1 What is Sustainable Development
TM1.1 Ce este dezvoltarea sustenabilă
TM1.2 What is a Sustainable Community
TM1.2 Ce este o comunitate sustenabilă
TM1.3 Sustainable Community Development
TM1.3 Dezvoltarea comunitară sustenabilă
TM1.4 Developing Communication Skills for Environmental Education
TM1.4 Dezvoltarea abilităților de comunicare în educația pentru mediu
TM1.5 Case Studies in Romanian and Icelandic Communities
TM1.5.1 Case Study 1 from Romanian Communities
TM1.5 Studii de caz in comunitatile din Romania si Islanda
TM1.5.1 Studiu de caz 1 – Comunități rurale din Romania
TM1.5.2 Case Study 2 Solheimar EcoVillage
TM1.5.2 Studiu de caz 2 – Ecosatul Solheimar, Islanda